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Bring them to Christ, Disciple and equip them to fulfill their God given purpose in the church and their mission in the world.

Be committed to spreading the gospel to the nations. In all places, among all peoples, we want Jesus to be known and glorified for humanities good and God’s glory.


Peculiar Household of Faith Church is a local church in Ketu/Mile 12 of Lagos State Nigeria. Our church services are known for powerful worship, bible-centered messages and encouraging atmosphere that is dedicated to helping people find and follow Jesus. We love teaching and preaching the stories of the bible. We believe in bible to be the infallible Word of God that it is His holy and inspired Word, and that it is of supreme and final authority in matters of belief and behavior. We teach and uphold Christian values and beliefs. We are building a strong faith foundation and impacting our community through faith.

Our Story-The Need For A Gospel Centered Church

God has called us to develop a new congregation of Christians in the hard place. Why do we refer to this place as a hard place? It is because, it is a community of people who are economically and socially downtrodden. Our plan is to plant and grow a gospel center church that reaches such people. These people are powerless, hopeless and have lost sense of meaning to life. They are living a futile way of life that have been handed over to them by their forefathers. There are few churches here, but some are not totally focused on the gospel. Some of the churches are deliverance ministries. They believe that the poor here need deliverance from the power that is keeping them poor. They use different means to help alleviate the people from poverty. They lack the knowledge that, it is only the gospel that can help them.

About the Volunteer Program by Peculiar Household Of Faith Church

We are here to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world and to encourage them to accept Him as Lord and savior in this time of uncertainty. We are facing weird times and many people are seeking for solutions more than ever. Make a change and join our volunteer program and make phone calls to your friends to attend one of our physical or online services. It’s time to let the world know that Jesus is the solution to the challenges we have today. 

Why become a volunteer for Peculiar Household Of Faith Church

Becoming a volunteer will impact our Church community tremendously. Having someone that listens, talks, or helps, can change the life of a Christian/ un-churched person.  You will be part of the vision to bring them to Christ, disciple and equip them to fulfill their God given purpose in the Church and their mission to the world. You will help to tell the bible stories, teach the Old and New Testament books, help to make them disciples of Jesus and fellowship together.


What is expected from our volunteers

As a volunteer, you will help in our services and events to see that programs go on successfully. You can volunteer for the mission or join our prayer team. You can also volunteer in the Church office. You will make use of Bible study resources and materials to build spiritual growth and discipleship.

Some Assignments Of A Volunteer

You are loved bible

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

John  3:16

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Make a difference in the lives of people by becoming a volunteer in our Church

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